Friday, March 25, 2011

Messy Cake

Hey guys!!

See, I'm updating my blog!! I'm so proud of myself!!! :)
Anyway, I had an order for a messy cake (do you remember my messy cupcakes? No? Here is the link: )
The cake was white chocolate with fresh strawberries ad frosted with marshmallow. So good!!! :) I also used some fondant to decorate it. I really wanted to make a fun and colourful cake and I like the way it turned out! :)
Happy Baking!!

Carrot with walnut cupcakes with "brigadeiro" frosting

Hey guys!

Last week I tried a new recipe: Carrot with Walnuts Cupcake.... and oh my... so good!! I loved it! for the frosting I did some semi-sweet "brigadeiro"which is a brazilian traditional candy (looks like a toffee). I promise that I will post the brigadeiro recipe because it is really good to frost cupcakes or even to use as a filling!
Happy Baking!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

First post in brazilian soil...

Hey guys...

Yep, I'm already in Brazil... and I already miss "my kind of town Chicago"... oh, well....
Now that I'm back to my beautiful country I'm already planning how The  Sweet Fairy Cake will be around here... :)
For starters I'm reading all the cookbooks that my mom have from my greatgrandma and my grandma... it is a lot of recipes and it looks like a treasure chest filled of gold... :) I love it!!
My treasure...
I guess by the end of next week (or even sooner) I'll have news about my creations and the only limit will be yours and mine imagination and creativity!
So, stay tuned on the blog!! :)

Happy Baking!!