Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Cupcakes

My Halloween Cupcakes with my Pumpkin for the Jack-o-Lantern

BOOO! Halloween is on Sunday! My son already has his costume for the kids party at the Kids club in the building. To celebrate Halloween I baked diet chocolate cupcakes with diet frosting as well. It was good, but guys to be really honest with you I gotta say: there's no way to replace sugar huh? :P
The witch hat, your legs and shoes I did with modeling fondant. The shoes I made using the idea of this blog: I'm in love with this blog! There's a lot of tutorials on it! 
My witchy hat! 
Poor witchy... she got "eaten" by the cupcake... the details on the shoes... inspired by the Wizard of Oz
Happy Halloween!!! 

Happy Baking!!

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