Saturday, October 2, 2010

To my gradma, with love

My beloved grandmother left so many wonderful memories to me but unfortunately she passed away almost 3 years ago. She was and still is very present and important in my life. She was very talented in everything she did. My gradma used to make some caramelized candies that are very elegant and chic, for her grandchildren she used to bake  and decorate 3D cakes also she would bake tarts, pies, cookies… a lot of yummy treats!  And she always would give spatula for me to taste what she was doing.. hmmm ... and I loved! And today I'm here, trying to follow her steps (I still lack many ....) and trying to honor someone so special in my life.

I said all this to tell you that I finished the first module of my Wilton Method course. Next week I'll start the flowers course and in November the fondant one. For our final cake we had to to use the techniques we learned during this module (which was the basic one).

We had to decorate with buttercream and do any kind of cake but my cake came out as a disaster ... hahahaha ... I tried to make the cake type "checkerboard". This cake my grandmother used to make for my grandpa and I thought it was a good way to honor her but unfortunately I failed. The vanilla batter disappeared completely and got very hard, the chocolate batter was great but when mixed with vanilla got terrible ... hahaha ... anyway, at least I tried but I'm not a quitter and I'm going to do once more!! I kinda like my final cake and I hope you like it too...

Happy Baking!!

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