Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cake Pops & Cupcake Bites

Wow, I have so much to tell you guys… so much to post! A lot is happening. Well, as the famous saying goes: I'll start from the beginning ... hahahaha...
So, my sister-in-law Melissa came to visit us here and I already had the idea to make some cake pops again to test a new recipe and a new technique. And nothing better than having the family to test my new cake pop .. hahahahahaha ... The result? I loved it!!! This time my pops did not fall from the sticks and after a week (yeah… I think I did 50 pops, including cupcake bites and cake pops) they are still wonderful and super delicious. It seems that the more time passes the batter gets better and more yummy, the chocolate around them protects the batter.
Mel loved it and my cupcake bites made a big success. For those who do not know, cupcake bite is like a mini cupcake just that it's chocolate covered "head to toe." The baking cups are made out of chocolate and so is the frosting.
It's almost Thanksgiving so I gave some cake pops and bites as a gift for Shannon which is a very special person to us here as thanks for all she does for us.
The batter of the pops and bites is Devil's Food Cake with "brigadier" (a brazilian candy, it's like a toffee). For the recipe just go to my friend's Luciana Blog or click here.
My Cake Pops:
Cake Pops coated with purple sugar and decorated with purple bows.
This I did for my son just for fun… its an owl. It is kinda cute but the next will be better …
Brigadeiro Cake Pops with Chocolate Jimmies and a colorful one... oops, I see a little boy's hand there.. ;P
And here are my Cupcake Bites: aren't they cute? :)
So many of them.... 
Look at it in detail: you can clearly see the chocolate baking cups here...
My inspiration? Bakerella, of course.... ;P

Happy Baking!!

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