Saturday, August 28, 2010

Le Cordon Bleu

WOWW!! I need to start my post with WOWWWW!!! Oh my gosh, the class was wonderful! The Chef McNabb who teach us is a lovely person and very funny too. The 3 hour class seamed to be like a 3 minute class. It was so good!! I have to say that everything that they use there are from scratch. And it's delicious!

In the beginning of class the Chef taught us to make a chocolate chiffon cake (which by the way is GREAT!!), buttercream, ganache and marzipan. Then she began teaching us how to make the buttercream rose.

I got so happy because I had this fear about making flowers. But it's not that complicated, we just need to practice. 

I was trying to film when she was making the roses but I don't know what happened to my camera and the image is not so good but I guess we can take something out of it....

And I really think that I did well (please people, give me a break here, ok?! hahahaha... it was the first time that I did the roses... :D). And then we lear how to make flowers, fruits and people out of marzipan. here's a picture of my cake (please don't judge me too much... hahahaha).

I loved the class and Kinda make me want to take their "Baking and Patisserie" Course but now it's impossible (besides being very expensive... ). But in October I'll take the cookie class and in February the chocolate class...hmmmm....

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you... when we were learning to make the flowers they brought us some snack... handmade focaccia and at the end of class they baked us fresh pizza (all done by the culinary students)!!! Wasn't nice?? I loved it!!! Well... it's Cordon Bleu we are talking about, right?! :D

So, did you already vote in my pool this week?? Vote!! I'm dying to know what I'll bake next week!!! :)

Happy Baking!!!

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