Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Messy-chic" cupcakes

Hey guys!
For the past weeks I've been testing a new recipe for chocolate buttercream .... and I found one that is absolutely AMAZING! I've never made a buttercream so good (and to be honest I don't care that much for buttercream ...) and my sis Flavia's Delicious Cupcake also tested she loved as well!  The approval was such that we decided that this new flavor of chocolate buttercream will be exclusive flavor from Cupcake Delicious and The Sweet Fairy Cake! :D
To test it with the real cupcake I baked some rich dark chocolate cupcakes and it was so good!! When I was decorating the cups I thought ... a lot of bakeries here  doesn't use tips fo frost the cupcake, they just do with a spatula tanned the result is always so nice.. is a "messy-chic" cupcake… without that aspect more correctly that the tip gives to it. So I did some "messy-chic" ones and more traditional ones…And I thought they were pretty cool... :)
I Hope you enjoy!
The classic one..
The "Messy-chic"...and my lovely Crate and Barrel dessert plate.. :D
This is my apartment view from Chicago... I'm leaving Chicago in a couple of weeks and I already am "homesick"... :( I just wanted to share this marvelous view with y'all.. 
Happy Baking!!

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